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Aiming at the concept of【Realization of healthy beauty and material beauty】, we conduct researches and development day-and-night and continue to pursue with our unique professional knowledge and spirit to provide products that supported by many professionals. The results have appeared steadily in recent years and have been highly evaluated by professionals.

In the future, we will continue to strive to provide better products and services throughout the company to bring positive quality awareness and new value to customers in beauty and health.

旨在以 【健康美和物质美的实现】的理念,我们昼夜不停地进行研究和开发,以我们独特的专业知识和精神的不断追求,为众多专业人士提供支持的产品。近年来结果稳步出现,并受到了专业人士的高度评价。

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Weakly acidic hair care series for color-treated hair - Meticulously selected natural plant extract to gently protect hair while carefully preserving beautiful coloration.
染发用、弱酸性头发护理系列 - 严选的天然植物萃取物能温柔保护发丝,并细心呵护美丽发色...
Promotes a supple healthiness that contributes to beautiful straight hair. Special hair maintenance care series for straight hair, naturally curly hair, rebonding, hair reduction and perm treatments.
长时间维持强韧的健康发质, 保养美丽的直顺发型。直发、自然卷发、离...
Exclusive acidic color hair mask care combinations to provide long lasting hair color, hair soft and shine.
AquaCouture is a hair care system that infuses rich moisture into salon work to make everything from coloring to perms more enjoyable. Supports hot perming, makes hair texture more perfect, provides rejuvenation from the core, keeping hair volume and elastic. Complete system collocation, can combine...
Scalp Conditioning Solution – Prevent scalp problem occurs, providing gentle, moisturizing care and creating beautiful and smooth hair, a sense of refreshing and cleanliness forms a healthy hair and scalp.
头皮调理方案- 防止头皮问题产生,提供温和,保湿护理及创造美丽...
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LEX TRADING (000491891-V)
No. 12-12M, Jalan Sayur, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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