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FANOLA born in 2004, from an intuition of a group of contractors, becoming immediately leader in the manufacture and sale of highly professional hair products in Italy and worldwide.
The professional products FANOLA are designed and formulated for the care and beauty of all hair types. Thanks to formulations and balanced and synergistic combined action of active naturally derived to satisfy the specific needs of each type of hair, the professional line FANOLA achieves excellent results with extreme facility.
The treatments offer a rich and full range, families divided into colored and easily identifiable on the functionality and requirements specifications of the hair.

FANOLA始源于 2004 年, 从一组承建商的直觉, 立即打造此品牌在意大利和世界各地成为制造及销售专业美发产品的佼佼者.
得益于其配方及均衡和协同的联合作用, 活跃的自然衍生以满足每一种类型的头发的特殊需要, FANOLA的专业线与极端设施达成了优异的成绩.
FANOLA的治疗护理方法提供了丰富和全面的范围, 其护理家庭成员均以颜色区分和轻易地根据其功能性和需求规格辨认.
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Hair undergoes daily stress caused by various factors such as: atmospheric agents, pollution, thermal and mechanical stress, frequent chemical treatments.
This mix of factors causes loss of vitality and luster, weakening of the structure, less ability to reflect light, fading of the cosmetic colo...
A professional hair care range that optimizes and boosts the technical service. Specifically, a reconstituting, innovative product that can be mixed with color and bleach without altering the result and the lightening power.
专业护发系列可优化和提升发廊技术服务. 具体而言, ...
NEW COLOUR REVOLUTION - Permanent colouring cream low in ammonia, low PPD and enriched with Ginkgo Biloba with 100% grey coverage.
全新颜色革命 - 低氨, 低对苯二胺, 富含银杏叶成分的永久着色染色膏配方能确保100%覆盖灰发范围....
There are many causes that lead to premature graying such as smoking, poor diets and a deficiency of Vitamin B5, which helps to increase the production of anti-free radicals, illness and extreme stress. This results in a progressive yellowing and fading of the natural or cosmetic colour.
NO ORANGE is the Professional treatment formulated with a special highly concentrated blue pigment with that neutralizes copper / red / orange reflections, giving colored hair with darker shades a cool and bright reflection.
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