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FANOLA was born in 2005 from an intuition of a group of entrepreneurs, immediately became the leader in the manufacture and sale of highly professional hair products in Italy and worldwide.

The professional products FANOLA are designed and formulated for the care and beauty of all hair types. Thanks to formulations and balanced and synergistic combined action of active naturally derived to satisfy the specific needs of each type of hair, the professional line FANOLA achieves excellent results with extreme facility.The treatments offer a rich and full range, families divided into colored and easily identifiable on the functionality and requirements specifications of the hair.


FANOLA 的专业产品是专为所有类型的头发的护理及美容特别设计和配制的。得益于天然成分的配方以及活性成分的均衡和协同作用,以满足每种类型的头发的特定需求,FANOLA的专业系列拥有出色的功效,并且具有极强的适应性。FANOLA的治疗护理系列丰富和全面,其护理系列均以颜色区分和轻易地根据其功能性和需求规格辨认。
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LEX TRADING (000491891-V)
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