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The salon’s right choice everytime when it comes to successful perms or rebondings.
每当提起成功的烫发及离子烫服务, 此系列的产品一直都是发廊的正确选择。
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1) Vitamin Waving Lotion-VWL l 活力大庄冷烫液-一剂

Feature 产品特点:

Decco Vitamin Waving Lotion is formulated with the latest technology to provide strength to the hair while the waving lot...
Agent 1- Decco Rebonding Cream 1
Agent 2- Decco Rebonding Neutralizer 2


The latest development of international hairdressing acid-base balance technology. Enriched with nutritious p...
Agent 1- Fragrance Straightener 1
Agent 2- Fragrance Neutralizer 2

Fragrance Straightener 1 香水直发烫1剂

Feature 产品特点:

Contains hydrolyzed protein and brightening factors which ...
Agent 1- Fragrance Perm Lotion 1
Agent 2- Fragrance Perm Neutralizer 2

Fragrance Perm Lotion 1 香水陶瓷烫1剂

Feature 产品特点:

Specially formulated with amino acids, collagen which ...
Feature 产品特点:

This product is extracted from over 20 kinds of amino acids and hydrolyzed protein, collagen in the hair which are refined as effective ingredients for hair care. Rapidly replenish the loss ...
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LEX TRADING (000491891-V)
No. 12-12M, Jalan Sayur, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2143 4329 Fax : 603-2143 4337
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